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  • #1 - Saving the King

    When three young girls who are living a very normal life in Minnesota try to find a way to save their dog, they find themselves in a very not normal situation. After some odd advice from their unicorn-crazed friend, they end up two worlds away following a unicorn who can barely remember his own name. With a lot of humor, courage, and a bit of magic, they set out to save their dog but wind up leading a revolution to save a world they never knew existed.

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  • #2 - Rise of Neon

    Liv, Ava, Claire, and Grace try to have one normal sleepover with a new friend named Reagan, but things go sideways when their sleepover is attacked by goblins. The girls find out that the Unicorn Kingdom is a lot bigger than they knew. They discover that someone is trying to steal all the pieces of Neon's horn, and they are pulled into another epic adventure to find out who is trying to restore power to the most dangerous unicorn in the Kingdom and stop it from happening.

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  • #3 - Werewolf Brother

    A freak accident lands the girls in the Unicorn Kingdom with their little brother, Mason. Teleporting their kid brother to a secret world is just the start of their problems. They take their eyes off him for one second and he turns into a werewolf! On this adventure, the girls make some new friends in unexplored kingdoms and run across some new enemies. Will Liv, Ava, and Claire be able to find a way to un-werewolf Mason and make it home before their parents notice they're gone?

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  • #4 - Destiny

    Since their last trip to the Unicorn Kingdom ended with leaving Liv's best friend Reagan behind in the form of a vampire, the girls' most dangerous mission yet lies ahead. They must find a way to retrieve three magical orbs from Luca, leader of the dangerous vampire army, which is growing larger and stronger by the minute.

    Will the girls be able to fulfill their destiny to save Reagan and the rest of their magical friends?

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